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Student blogs

Two weeks into student blogging with Edublogs and I’m loving it! More importantly, my students seem to be loving it. I have 100+ kids set up with their own blogs and have had them use them for reflection on learning, reflection on products, and as a place to do written summaries of internet research. I […]

The Wordle of this blog

What a great self-assessment for me to reflect on what I have been blogging about.  This would also be  a great tool to have students make a wordle about a blog or post to see what words they are using the most! I see it as an extreme positive that I have been talking about […]

Modeling instruction & whiteboard sessions

I’ve never had any formal training in modeling instruction.  However, I’ve read quite a bit about it at the ASU Modeling Instruction Site and done a lot of other internet research about it.  If I lived anywhere close to Arizona, I would definitely attend some of their workshops! After reading alot about this program, though, […]

Technology integration and differentiation

Two of my primary goals for this school year have been to improve both technology integration and differentiation for individual student needs/ interests in my classes. As I’ve begun to delve into tech integration with Edmodo for classroom communication & assignments and Edublogs for student work, I am now seeing how the two goals go […]

Application and frustration

Recently had an interesting day of collaborative planning with several of my coworkers. The primary focus of this planning was geting staff to use the BERC STAR Protocol.  For those of you who are not familiar, the STAR Protocol is a tool used in classroom observations to reflect on one’s own practice.  In other words, I watch someone […]