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Why are we blogging in science class?

I’ve been asked by students and a couple of parents – “why are we blogging in science class?” There are several reasons: Paper reduction In my experience, students do not value paper.  They see any work done on paper as disposable – worth little more than the paper itself.  Paper assignments are constantly left laying […]

Dueling blogs

This blog essentially serves as my “personal” blog – although it’s entirely focused on education and my professional development.  However, I have another blog that is dedicated to my classes and which I use to post assignments for my students, as well as information about what is going on in my classes.  It recently occurred […]

Chemistry Water Quality Field Work

On 11/2/09, Chemistry spent the day traveling to 5 different stream sites to test the quality of the water.  We hit 2 spots along Toppenish Creek (Signal Peak Rd. & Harrah Rd.) and 3 spots along the Yakima River (Indian Church Rd., Granger Pond, & Zillah boat launch). At each site, we tested the water for […]