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(Dead) end of course exams

I used to think that end of course exams would be a good thing in Algebra, Geometry, and Biology. Now I see the error of that way of thinking. Why? Right now, my state’s science exam takes place after 10th grade.  It covers everything students should have learned since 8th grade.  Many of our state […]

On motivation

Synthesis is identifying connections between ideas, content, materials, etc.  Synthesis is noticing patterns of similarity among seemingly disparate things. The ability to synthesize can be both a blessing and a curse when one sees connections between many different things that others might not see. One bit of synergy that has been running through my mind […]

Project Based Learning

This is a short video clip from Edutopia about Project Based Learning So, the biggest news in the world of my classroom is my move toward project based learning.  I’ve always leaned this way, especially since my first professional development as a “real” teacher came via my school’s involvement with Expeditionary Learning, or EL, as […]