On motivation

Synthesis is identifying connections between ideas, content, materials, etc.  Synthesis is noticing patterns of similarity among seemingly disparate things. The ability to synthesize can be both a blessing and a curse when one sees connections between many different things that others might not see.

One bit of synergy that has been running through my mind a lot lately is that between Alfie Kohn‘s ideas on motivation (Content, Choice, Collaboration) and those of Dan Pink (Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose). They really do intersect nicely in many ways while complimenting each other.

Now, to add another layer – Sir Ken Robinson on the importance of creativity and finding one’s “Element.” Overlay that with the TED Talk from IDEO CEO Tim Brown about the link between creativity and play.

Students¬†need all of this to come together to maximize their potential. Traditional school models aren’t getting them there. We need to break the mold.

Do you see it?

Do you belive it?

Do you want to make it a reality?

3 thoughts on “On motivation

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  2. I just finished Daniel Pink’s book Drive. I find his views very interesting and believe that they make a lot of sense. I planning trying to implement them next year, especially as I move to standards based grading. I would like to learn more about Kohn. Can you recommend any resources.

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