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The teacher’s role in an inquiry-centered classroom

The teacher’s role in an inquiry-centered classroom is absolutely critical.  It takes practice.  It takes patience.  It requires a willingness to try new things, fail, reflect, revise, redeem and repeat.  In roughly chronological order (within an investigation), here are 10 things that will allow constructive inquiry to flourish. A teacher in an inquiry-centered classroom must: […]

What an inquiry-centered classroom looks like

Let me paint you picture of an inquiry-rich classroom: Student work plasters the walls (if there are any), not the teacher’s favorite posters.  At the beginning of the year, the walls are mostly bare but that changes quickly.  The walls reflect the culture of the classroom. Rules are minimal and focused on community building and […]

Play with a purpose – oobleck

I like to do a pretty light hands-on activity for the first day of school.  Many of you are probably familiar with oobleck (cornstarch and water).  This is a very fun and safe system for students to play with. This is how I do it: The hook Show this video and ask students to think […]

Start building an inquiry-based community today

In order for inquiry to flourish, you must let go of the need to plan and control. Today is the first day of school!   I am excited to meet new students and to see familiar ones.   The clean slate of a new year is always invigorating.   Right now, my classroom can be […]

One step to becoming a better teacher

I can make you a better teacher.  Right now.  With one simple step… backwards. What do I mean? Take a step back when it comes to control in your classroom.  Release your kung-fu grip of control over content, over discipline, over what students create and how they create it. Let your students step forward to […]

All hell can’t stop us now

It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime What better place than here? What better time than now? – Rage Against the Machine, Guerrilla Radio I have a inferno raging in my belly.  It’s been growing steadily stronger.  The time has come to wrest control of our schools away from corporations and educational […]

Failure is an option

I start school on Wednesday; many of us have already started. This to be my best year of teaching; I have no doubt about that. If you want to have your best year of teaching, here is my advice: Fail. Fail big. Fail often. If you want to be an innovative educator, you have to […]