Failure is an option

I start school on Wednesday; many of us have already started. This to be my best year of teaching; I have no doubt about that. If you want to have your best year of teaching, here is my advice:

Fail. Fail big. Fail often.

If you want to be an innovative educator, you have to be willing to fail. Success comes with growing pains. If you don’t push yourself to break free of your shell, you will never overcome the lizard brain. You will never become great.

To become the best teacher you can be, you must be willing to try and fail. Failure IS an option. The key is that you learn from your failures and you move forward.

What is the worst thing that could happen?

So, let the fear in. Embrace it. Let it wash over you. Visualize your worst possible failure as an educator. Imagine how it will feel, smell, taste, sound. Then crush it like an empty aluminum can.

5 thoughts on “Failure is an option

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  2. I just stumbled across your blog and found it very inspiring. If my science-loving kids could have a teacher like you (for all subjects, and in the absence of ‘school’ and all its annoying bells, grades and bureaucracy) I probably wouldn’t be homeschooling them right now!

    I’m sure it’s tough to withstand the institutional pressures against unusual (yet effective!) teaching methods, but I hope you do. And I hope you win your battle against grading some day. Kids need a teacher like you in their corner to help ensure that their innate curiosity and love of learning survives their ‘education’.

    Best of luck with your new school year.

  3. Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you found some inspiration here. Regardless of my occasional rants I do love my job!

    There may come a day, though, where I decide that I need to find a school with a less traditional structure. I’m going to keep trying to fix the one I’m at first. The kids deserve it!

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