A call for an audience!

My students are currently working on a web-based project.  In this project, they are answering the driving question, “How do we reconcile science and personal beliefs?”

Each student has generated his or her own guiding question that falls under the overarching driving question.  They are using their blogs (each of my students has his/her own) to answer their questions in a wiki style format.

Some student questions:

  • How are humans affecting the evolution of fish?
  • If extinct animals were still alive, how would that have affected human evolution?
  • How are humans evolving today?
  • If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?
  • How do different world religions feel about evolution?
  • How are modern humans and Neanderthals related?

The students have been engaged in deep research for a few weeks now and have begun drafting answers to their questions.  The opportunity for an international audience has certainly fueled their efforts.  Now I need help to follow through on that promise of an audience!

How you can help:

  • Please plan to visit my students’ wiki on 11/4 (or soon thereafter) to read and provide comments
  • If you have students with computer access, please consider asking them to read and provide comments
  • Please help spread the word to as many people as possible, via blogs, email, Twitter, word of mouth, etc.

Look for the link to the student wiki on 11/4 and thanks in advance for your help!

8 thoughts on “A call for an audience!

  1. I’ve been really interested in this project since you posted it on the WCYDWT site, I’d be happy to read and comment on some of their posts. Please remind us on the 4th though (several times ;)) through twitter.

  2. Vytheeshwaran & Marta,

    Thanks to both of you. Please share the link on 11/4 and get students involved too, if you can!

  3. Make sure you post a blog about this once your students projects are live. This way i (and others) will be reminded when we see it in our readers. :)

  4. Jerrid,

    I most certainly will!

    I wanted to get this out there now so people could plan ahead to get students involved if possible.

    Please feel free to share with colleagues, college students, pre-service teachers, etc.

    I’ve promised these kids an audience and I plan to get ‘em one!

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