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Freakonomics and education

This post began as a comment on Joe Bower’s blog, for the love of learning, in response to his post, “Shame on you Steven Levitt.” I’ve been listening to Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics the past week while commuting. While I find the perspective and insight fascinating, I truly detested Levitt’s handling of the “cheating teachers” studies in […]


What can you do today to make yourself a better teacher? I have a confession to make. I’m a learning junkie. There – I said it! Yesterday was the first day of my Winter Break. I’ve been mildly sick all of the last week of school and refusing to stay home because I didn’t want […]

Wait ’till next year

Why put off for next year what you can do today (or at least tomorrow)? —————————————————————————————————————————- In the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Brooklyn Dodgers fans’ rallying cry was, “wait ’til next year!”  The team would come close to a championship only to lose the World Series (usually to the hated Yankees).  This fan attitude showed undying […]

Tension: Freedom vs. support

How do you balance freedom with support? —————————————————— My favorite restaurant in town closed a few years ago. It was a phenomenal Thai restaurant owned by an amazing woman who immigrated from Thailand. She did all of the cooking and ordering herself and love went into every bite. The menu was simple but every dish […]

“It’s complicated. And we need to move on.”

Michael Doyle (Science Teacher) inspired this post with his post “If Randall Munroe were Secretary of Education” If you don’t know who Randall Munroe is, he is the creator of the brilliant web comic xkcd. The crux of Michael’s post: “It’s…complicated. And we need to move on” kills inquiry, kills science, but apparently not science […]

Getting back to the basics

The phrase, “getting back to the basics,” conjures up images of teachers lecturing students endlessly; pouring mind-numbing minutiae into their mental receptacles. I’m getting back to the basics right now with my chemistry class. This has nothing to do with textbooks or lectures; no connection to facts; no memorization. We are getting back to the […]

Make time for… FRUSTRATION!

My students were frustrated yesterday and today. I let them wallow in it. This is a good thing. Yesterday, I started the group on a whole class inquiry challenge with minimal direction from me. Students had to lead their planning discussion while I observed and took notes. This discussion didn’t go very well – especially […]