Getting back to the basics

The phrase, “getting back to the basics,” conjures up images of teachers lecturing students endlessly; pouring mind-numbing minutiae into their mental receptacles.

I’m getting back to the basics right now with my chemistry class.

This has nothing to do with textbooks or lectures; no connection to facts; no memorization.

We are getting back to the basics of science.

The students generated questions about a phenomena. Their questions led to hypotheses. They are testing those hypotheses with experiments that they designed. When they have their data, they will use it to make a conclusion about their hypothesis.

Sure, they are learning about the Ideal Gas Law through this experience; they just don’t know that yet.

However, if I were to ask one of my students right now about the relationship between temperature, pressure, volume and the number of molecules of gas; they could reason it out.

Back to the basics!

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