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What to do when students resist inquiry

The scene: any classroom in America Backstory: Our hero, the intrepid teacher, in the face of overwhelming evidence, has decided to open up his classroom to student inquiry. He has provoked curiosity, facilitated brainstorming and set the students loose to explore their world with gusto. He is just about to begin congratulating himself for his […]

How to be a better teacher today – a long look in the mirror

A new year! Time for a fresh start. A clean slate. Back to the old drawing board! 2011 (is it just me or does that sound like science fiction?) – I watched Back to the Future series with my family over Winter Break. I love that the “future” in Back the the Future II is […]

The inquiry teacher’s toolbox

What are the essential tools for the facilitator of inquiry? The longer I teach through inquiry, the more I realize that I have much yet to master! I’m not going to lie – inquiry is difficult. No matter how well planned I think I am, facilitating inquiry requires me to be nimble; I have to […]