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How can the culture of a school be changed?

I threw this question out on Twitter a week or so ago and got a fair number of responses. One of the most reasoned responses came from Edna Sackson, an educator from Australia and the author of the blog What Ed Said. Edna shares many of my views on the importance of inquiry and we […]

What we’re learning about Project Based Learning

This past year has been serious action research for our 9th grade team at WSHS. We’ve been working on Project Based Learning type models in our classes for years. It was only about this time last year, though, when we really hit on a vision of a model that could really take us to the […]

PBL Challenge – Balancing content vs. project

One thing we’re really wrestling with in PAWS (Power Academics at White Swan – our integration of biology, English and social studies) right now is the balance of content and project. We have a tendency to want to deliver content to our students to prepare them to do a quality project. This has resulted in […]

Project FAIL: Genetics of Race

So, being the high minded individuals that we are, my co-conspirators in 9th grade project based learning at WSHS decided to attack racism. Hit it head on. Just tear that sucker down! Of course, we’re just 3 white dudes working on an Indian Reservation with a student population that is 60% American Indian and 30% […]

Blog shift? or just BS?

I’m not sure where this is going but I feel like I need to do something different with this blog. My basic modus operandi of the past year has been to write posts that are esssentially informative, persuasive or motivational. While this has been fun and has helped me to hone by beliefs about education […]