Blog shift? or just BS?

I’m not sure where this is going but I feel like I need to do something different with this blog.

My basic modus operandi of the past year has been to write posts that are esssentially informative, persuasive or motivational.

While this has been fun and has helped me to hone by beliefs about education into a clear and cohesive message, I don’t know how sustainable it is going forward.

What I’d really like this space to become is something more reflective. I’m a very reflective person and I believe that reflection is critical for my students. With that in mind, I’m going to try to use this space as a reflective journal for a while and see what happens.

I hope not to lose readers because I don’t just want to broadcast into the ether. That being said, I’m at a point where I feel like writing for myself is more authentic. If anyone else out there benefits from my ramblings, so be it.

Please continue to comment.

Ask questions.


I hope we learn something together.

4 thoughts on “Blog shift? or just BS?

  1. Hi Tyler,
    This is Samera Johnson again. I think that what ever you decide to do with your blog is fine. As long as you are happy from with it is all that matters. I think that anyone who reads your blog will be inspire, whether it is words of wisdom you are giving or if you are just wrinting a reflection post of your day. I have enjoyed reading your past two blog post and i do plan to continue to read your post. Good luck to you in the future.

  2. Tyler, some of the blogs I enjoy most are the ones that include personal reflection. For me, when I started writing for myself, I really found my voice. I have ended up with a combination of reflective and informational posts but mostly I just blog about whatever’s in my head. It’s your blog, write what you like! Good luck with the new direction.

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