Summer plans (and beyond…)

So, I've decided to jump into getting my Master's degree this summer.

I hadn't originally planned to start it until next summer but my internship with the DOE ACTS program fell under the federal budget axe.

Meanwhile, I heard about an intriguing program through University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh called "Teaching 2.0."

This program is the brainchild of Dr. Eric Brunsell (@brunsell), who blogs for Edutopia and the National Science Teachers' Association.

It is a fully online program in Curriculum and Instruction, and is described on the UW-Oshkosh website as follows:

This is not an educational technology graduate program.  It is about more than technology tools.  Instead, this strand focuses on helping educators transform their teaching.  It is about harnessing these tools to foster creativity, inquiry, and problem solving.  It is about exploring a variety of research-based teaching models and assessment techniques. It is about creating a meaningful and progressive curriculum that mixes student passions with educational standards.

Look for lots of posts in the coming year about my progress in this program!

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