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Collaboration through blogging

It has been a goal of mine for a couple of years now to facilitate more collaboration for my students that extends beyond the walls of our classroom and our school. To that end, I set my students up with blogs (via Edublogs.org) nearly 2 years ago. What's so great about bloging? I can access […]

The assessment role of the teacher

"The assessment role of the teacher is to know the child, holistically as possible – socially, emotionally, cognitively, even the general health and well being of the child." (Sandra M. Stokes, WRSA Journal Vol. 45 No. 3, 2005)

Video Killed the Radio Star

One goal I have for the coming year is to have students create more videos. I truly believe that today’s students are of the video generation. They watch, make, share, discuss, remix and act out videos. I’ve dabbled in the area of student video creation more and more over the past few years. Last year […]

Back to the future of education – Papert vs. Freire

"…there's a lot of truth in saying that when you go to school, the trauma is that you must stop learning and you must now accept being taught." ~ Seymour Papert, 1980 ———————— "I state that school is bad, but I don't state that school is disappearing and will disappear. That's why I am appealing […]

The year in technology – a reflection

“we are entering a digital world where knowing about digital technology is as important as reading and writing. So learning about computers is essential for our students’ futures BUT the most important purpose is using them NOW to learn about everything else.” ~ Seymour Papert via The Daily Papert The past year was by far the most […]

Learning from failure

Failure is an unavoidable part of life. We will all fail, what separates us is our response to failure. Those who learn from failure and grow are much more successful than those who avoid failure by limiting their risk. In fact, failure is often a byproduct of inaction – yet failure from inaction is harder […]