Video Killed the Radio Star

One goal I have for the coming year is to have students create more videos.

I truly believe that today’s students are of the video generation. They watch, make, share, discuss, remix and act out videos.


I’ve dabbled in the area of student video creation more and more over the past few years. Last year I obtained 6 Flip video cameras through and used them for a variety of learning experiences. For example:
  • biology students created movies to act out an analogy they had come up with for the process of viral replication
  • students created movies in biology about the genetics of race and racism (integrated with English and history)
  • chemistry students designed and created a video based game about the periodic table
  • physics students used video to record their Rube Goldberg machines
  • physics students also used video with Vernier’s LoggerPro software to analyze a sports activity of their choice
All of these were good uses of video and mostly productive. The level of engagement and effort that students will put into video is really amazing. That being said, I don’t feel that I fully capitalized on their use of the video medium. Something was missing – the audience.

I want to have them create videos in a variety of formats for a variety of purposes.

I want them to use video as a tool for gathering data, evidence, or observations.

I want them to use video to communicate, to share, to persuade.

I want them to use video to express themselves and to inform others.

They will create short and long videos. They will use webcams, Flip cams, and screencasting.

Most importantly, though, I will ask them to create videos for an audience outside of our classroom.

Image used under CC license from   the Flickr photostream of nayukim

One thought on “Video Killed the Radio Star

  1. I was just able to purchase 6 Flip video cameras for my students to use in the new school year so it was with great interest that I read your post. Definitely having an audience outside of the classroom will help motivate students as well as allow them to share and learn with others. I hope that you blog about how things go so that I can continue to learn from you!

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