Project Sketch: My Element


Project Title: My Element

Driving Question: Which chemical element best represents me and why?


Each student will select an element and create and present a multimedia product to illustrate the relationship between him or her and their element. They will describe how they and their element are similar and different. These similarities could be based upon structure, properties, periodic table family or location, common uses of the element, history, etc.

Summary of Activities:

After a brief introduction to elements and the periodic table (through labs, discussions, and video clips – and of course, The Element Song!), students will begin to research various chemical elements. After a few days of general research, each student will select an element to represent them. They will then research their element in depth and create a multimedia product and presentation to educate their peers about their element through the lens of how it represents them. Over the course of the project, I will give facilitate learning experiences about atomic structure, the periodic table, element properties, etc. After each learning experience, students will research that aspect of their element and further develop their presentation.