13 things I would do with more work time

I work about as much as is humanly possible while still maintaining a personal life and time for my family. I have read about innovative schools where teachers have a lighter class load and more time during the day to do the complicated job of teaching more effectively.
I often wonder what I could do if I had more time during my work day. Here is a list of 13 things I would do with more time:
  1. Reflect daily on the effectiveness of my lessons and plan better ones for tomorrow
  2. Plan more creative ways to integrate technology effectively in my classroom
  3. Keep detailed records of the learning evidence shown by each of my students
  4. Contact parents regularly with detailed reports about their students
  5. Maintain a classroom website that would be updated daily with information about what happened in each class, both for students and their families
  6. Give students more detailed feedback about their work, their learning, and their potential
  7. Plan more individualized and differentiated activities based on specific student needs and interests
  8. Do a lot more inquiry-based activities
  9. Do more professional reading
  10. Meet with my colleagues to learn together
  11. Meet with my colleagues to plan together
  12. Blog professionally more consistently
  13. Meet with students individually outside of class time to discuss their learning and set goals
What would you do with more time during the work day?

2 thoughts on “13 things I would do with more work time

  1. An amazing list! Oh to be able to do all of this on a regular basis! Oddly enough, we were just asked a similar questions the other day. Our district is so paranoid about giving us “down time” as they call it. I suppose they think we would hang out in the workroom drinking coffee all day.

  2. I agree that there is a lack of trust at times. I also think that many administrators feel pressured to justify their presence during professional development time by planning “lessons” for the teaching staff.

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