I am a science educator working at a rural public high school in Washington located on a major Indian Reservation.  I’m passionate about inquiry, technology integration, research-based instructional practices, and innovation.  Most of all, I’m passionate about teaching kids!

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  1. Hey Tyler!
    I am doing the same thing with my classes…but feel i am going in somewhat unchartered territory.
    My goal is to do a lot on online. student blog, glogster, prezi, video, photo. most ‘work’ to be online based with self, peer, and teacher evaluation.

    i also to intend to keep kicking it old school with quizzes and tests…because my admin would have a coronary.

    i teach in vancouver in a small private school. my students are pretty privileged and by september i am sure 1/4 of them will be armed with an i-pad, making their macbooks obselete .

    i did my practicum at a reserve school in Alberta and have taught a bit on reserves…and miss it!

    lets hook up and share some ideas on what possibilities are out there for us as teachers, and what we can do with our students.