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Make time for one-on-one conversations

This is one of those that I must constantly remind myself about! Today, my students were working mostly independently on a research project. I spent the entire class period rotating between my students. I sat down and talked to every single student in each class today. I don’t do this nearly as often as I […]

Make time for instructional agility

Last week I gave a quiz about natural selection and the results were not good. The mean grade for the quiz was a D/ D+. At that point, I had a couple of options, right? I could have moved on and said, “oh well. No time to reteach that concept. State test is coming whether […]

Make time for class meetings

Today my classes held their first class meetings of the year. What do I mean by class meetings? All of my students (1oth and 11th graders) and me seated in a circle talking about our class. I am now kicking myself for not having started this ritual much sooner. There is incredible value in sitting […]

Make time for… FRUSTRATION!

My students were frustrated yesterday and today. I let them wallow in it. This is a good thing. Yesterday, I started the group on a whole class inquiry challenge with minimal direction from me. Students had to lead their planning discussion while I observed and took notes. This discussion didn’t go very well – especially […]

Make time for… inquiry

I love inquiry – obviously – I mention it in nearly every post. I’m also a co-founder of Inquire Within, a blog dedicated to the awesomeness of inquiry. I’m not going to lie to you, though; Inquiry takes TIME. You must hold inquiry as a core value; it can’t just be one of the topics of […]

Make time for… conversation

Who does the speaking in your classroom? When students speak, to whom are they speaking? When students are talking to each other, what are they talking about? These are absolutely critical questions. The answers to these questions speak volumes about the level of student engagement in a class. Who does the speaking in your classroom? […]