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Group Quiz Results!

Backstory: I read a blog post about 2-stage quizzes and wanted to work them in in my standards-based grading system I posted about the idea and asked for help I got helpful responses to my question! So, here’s what went down… My students took this quiz individually, for a grade: Then they took it as […]

Group quiz question follow-up

Here is where edu-blogging +Twitter really shines, folks. To bring you all up to speed, here is a brief summary of events: 1. I read a post by Joss Ives about 2-stage quizzes (stage 1= solo, stage 2=group) 2. I said, “cool idea, how can I make that work with standards-based grading?” and made a blog post […]

Working group assessments in with #SBG

Yesterday, I read a few posts from physics professor Joss Ives at his blog, Science Learnification. One of the posts that really got me thinking was about weekly two-stage quizzes in his physics classes. A two-stage group exam is form of assessment where students learn as part of the assessment. The idea is that the students write […]

Standards-based grading 1st Trimester post-game

I have just completed my first trimester of using standards-based grading (#SBG) after taking a 2 year break from it. Now it’s time to step to the podium for the post-game press conference. Opening Statement: This time around, it has gone much better. No major student complaints, no parent “sit-downs” where they are mentally fitting […]

Standards-based grading welcomes me back with open arms!

A few years ago, I dove into the world of standards-based grading (SBG). While it had its merits, I decided to dump SBG for what I called UNgrading. I happily rolled with UNgrading for two years and mostly loved it. My chief struggle was finding time to conference with all students about their grades. This […]