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Re-establishing my voice

When I first started this blog, I struggled to find my voice. My writing was awkward and alternated between self-consciously verbose and too slangy. After a while, I got a good flow going and really found my voice. I mostly did this by writing for myself and writing about whatever came to mind. I wrote […]

Keeping my head above water

I never moved in my schooling career (with the exception of moving up levels with my peers, of course). I was in the same school system in the same town from K-12. Until this year, I had never moved in my teaching career either. I had worked in the same school for all of my […]

Kicking off the Inquiry (QFT + CPS = crazy delicious)

This post is the final assignment for my spring class (Current Trends in Curriculum and Instruction: Inquiry and Problem Solving) through UW Oshkosh’s Teaching 2.0 program. We have been required to do 3 lesson trials where we implement a new strategy in the clasroom and track the results. In this trial, I combined the Question […]

My Element Project Reflection

Project Summary: My chemistry students completed a project in which they selected an element to research and relate to themselves. They used Animoto to create videos about their element and themselves. Along the way we did several labs and class activities to help them learn about properties of elements, atomic structure, and the organization of […]

Going Beyond Group Work to Authentic Student Collaboration

Note: This post is part of the Teaching 2.0 Masters in Curriculum and Instruction Program at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. My current classes are about Project Based Learning and Assessment. This synthesis essay is intended to focus on group work and is based upon readings from Productive Group Work by Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher and […]

The importance of intentionality

“Ultimately, human intentionality is the most powerful evolutionary force on this planet.” ~George B. Leonard (American author b.1923) Next time I have the opportunity to talk to a new or pre-service teacher about improving their teaching (like tomorrow in my PLC), I will give them the following 2 thoughts to consider: #1 – Reflection You will do a […]

Running blind

What is the purpose of grades? I would argue that the purpose of grades is not reporting progress or measuring learning. The purpose of grades is sorting, rewarding and punishing. Students are sorted based on their grades (honor rolls, class tracking, awards, scholarships, college admissions, diplomas, etc.). We reward the students who are compliant and […]