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Standards-based grading welcomes me back with open arms!

A few years ago, I dove into the world of standards-based grading (SBG). While it had its merits, I decided to dump SBG for what I called UNgrading. I happily rolled with UNgrading for two years and mostly loved it. My chief struggle was finding time to conference with all students about their grades. This […]

Why I dumped SBG (and why you probably shouldn’t)

I jumped on the SBG (standards based grading) express 2 years ago.  My main reason for going to SBG was an extreme dissatisfaction with the grading status quo.  I felt like I was doing kids a disservice with points and weighted categories and the like. So I dove headfirst into SBG along with 2 of […]

UNgrading – the early returns

This is the third in a series of posts about UNgrading.  The previous two posts were: Why I’m UNgrading my students and How I’m UNgrading my students. We are about to begin week 6 of the school year and I’ve not given my students a grade.  Sometimes I feel a little like I’m neglecting part […]

How I’m UNgrading my students

In my last post, I described why I’m UNgrading my students.  Yet, we all know the why is the easy part.  I’ve convinced many teachers that grades are harmful and that the carrot and the stick don’t motivate people. However, these teachers usually give me the, “well, in a perfect world, there wouldn’t be grades, […]

Why I’m UNgrading my students

I couldn’t call it DE-grading, now could I… It couldn’t really be this easy, could it? Increased motivation to learn for the sake of learning More time on task A rise in creativity and critical thinking Improved work completion A much more positive classroom culture No angry calls from parents I’ve seen all of these […]