Wisdom Begins with Wonder

The teacher’s role in PBL (PBL Series Part 4)

The teacher’s role in an Project Based Learning (PBL) classroom is unique.  I’m still figuring it out – and probably will be for years to come.  That being said, I’m confident about a few things the teacher must do to make PBL click on all cylinders. Here are 10 things a teacher should do to […]

Blogging with students – a reflection

This past year was my first experience blogging with students. It certainly had its ups and downs but was a positive experience overall for me and for my students. To read why we were blogging in science class (and why I think your students should blog) go here:  “Why Are We Blogging in Science Class?” […]

Student blogs

Two weeks into student blogging with Edublogs and I’m loving it! More importantly, my students seem to be loving it. I have 100+ kids set up with their own blogs and have had them use them for reflection on learning, reflection on products, and as a place to do written summaries of internet research. I […]

Application and frustration

Recently had an interesting day of collaborative planning with several of my coworkers. The primary focus of this planning was geting staff to use the BERC STAR Protocol.  For those of you who are not familiar, the STAR Protocol is a tool used in classroom observations to reflect on one’s own practice.  In other words, I watch someone […]