Wisdom Begins with Wonder

Why Project Based Learning is good for students (PBL Series Part 5)

Not only is the teacher’s life unique in the PBL classroom; students have a dramatically different experience in this model too.  They may whine and complain at times, especially when a project is nearing completion, but it is really good for them.  Here’s a few reason’s why: Long-term focus Many of my students can’t think […]

I used to think…

I USED TO THINK I was a good teacher when a student would remember something I had taught. I would swell with pride when a student would regurgitate a fact, an example, an analogy and I’d say to myself, “I taught them that!” A student would score well on a test or solve a problem […]

My Educator’s Oath

Building off of my previous post, The Educator’s Hippocratic Oath, I thought I would write my own personal educator’s oath.  I’m considering including it with my course syllabus this year.  It will be a work in progress, so don’t be surprised if it changes from time to time. Without further ado, here it goes: I […]

On bunny trails and the need to know

Sometimes my students lead me down a bunny trail.  One question leads to another and, before we know it, we’re Through the Looking Glass.  A discussion about atomic structure leads to nuclear weapons, which leads to World War 2, which leads to racism, which leads to genetics.  We meander into and out of science.  The […]

From A to purple

Whenever I read an article or blog post, I think about it’s implications for teaching.  I can’t help it.  I’m a teacher 24-7-365.  Drives my family nuts sometimes but it’s who I am. Reading Seth Godin’s latest blog post, The art of seduction, this morning was no different.  Seth’s talking about marketing but I’m thinking […]

Chemistry, condoms and the Colosseum

One of the most successful inquiry activities that I did this year wasn’t successful because of my careful planning or my skill.  It wasn’t successful because of expensive equipment or great lab space.  It wasn’t successful because of technology integration or guest experts. It was successful because I took a chance. It was successful because […]