Wisdom Begins with Wonder

How can the culture of a school be changed?

I threw this question out on Twitter a week or so ago and got a fair number of responses. One of the most reasoned responses came from Edna Sackson, an educator from Australia and the author of the blog What Ed Said. Edna shares many of my views on the importance of inquiry and we […]

What I want from my union

I have the utmost respect for unions. I don’t blame teacher’s unions for problems in education. That being said, I do believe there are problems. Obviously, there are funding problems. I’ve seen those first hand. I work on the front lines of education, a rural school on an Indian reservation in an area of extreme […]

Teach to the test?

This is a second follow-up to my guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant.  Thanks again to Scott McLeod for the opportunity to guest! Twitter commentary on my guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant and a couple of the comments there, made me want to follow up. I teach at one of the poorest schools in the State of Washington.  We are […]

Am I pro-union?

This is a follow-up to my guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant.  Thanks again to Scott McLeod for the opportunity to guest! The twitter commentary on my guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant, and a couple of the comments found there, I felt the need to follow up. Am I pro-union?  Not necessarily.  Nor am I anti-union. […]

To whom are we accountable?

This is my guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant on 9/25 As a husband, I am accountable to my wife, not to the county in which our marriage license was issued. As a father, I am accountable to my children, not to the State. As a teacher, to whom am I accountable?  Am I accountable to […]

You teach how you were taught + pressure = FAIL

I work in the Yakima Valley, in central Washington.  The combination of poverty, migrant populations, English language learners from monolingual homes and weak local economies has turned the Yakima Valley into an educational quagmire.  The state of Washington has increasingly poured in resources in an attempt to “fix” our “failing” schools. With all of this […]

All hell can’t stop us now

It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime What better place than here? What better time than now? – Rage Against the Machine, Guerrilla Radio I have a inferno raging in my belly.  It’s been growing steadily stronger.  The time has come to wrest control of our schools away from corporations and educational […]