Wisdom Begins with Wonder

Working group assessments in with #SBG

Yesterday, I read a few posts from physics professor Joss Ives at his blog, Science Learnification. One of the posts that really got me thinking was about weekly two-stage quizzes in his physics classes. A two-stage group exam is form of assessment where students learn as part of the assessment. The idea is that the students write […]

Why I’m UNgrading my students

I couldn’t call it DE-grading, now could I… It couldn’t really be this easy, could it? Increased motivation to learn for the sake of learning More time on task A rise in creativity and critical thinking Improved work completion A much more positive classroom culture No angry calls from parents I’ve seen all of these […]

Grading moratorium

It just occurred to me that I never cross-posted my Grading Moratorium guest post on Joe Bower’s blog, for the love of learning to my own blog! If you have somehow managed to not discover Joe’s blog yet, grab a cup of coffee and set aside some time to read it.  Listen to some Rage […]

I love teaching but I hate grading

How many teachers out there feel exactly the same way? In my previous post, I describe the need for a better way.  I’m not going to spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince you of that need.  If you need convincing (or need a toolbox to use to convince someone else), go […]

We need a better way

I stumbled across @joe_bower ‘s blog yesterday – the aptly named For the Love of Learning – and had a field day reading all of his work.  It reminded me of a feeling I began to have very strongly three years ago.  However, due to pressures of the system, I wandered away from it. The feeling? […]