Wisdom Begins with Wonder

Reflection – a critical step in learning

I have a new transfer student in my chemistry class.  Yesterday, I overheard her talking to her classmates about her previous science class.  She said something along the lines of, “we did a lot of experiments where we had to design our own experiment and write lab reports about it.  We didn’t really learn anything, […]

Socratic seminars in science class

I love socratic seminars.  I have done several in the past few years and, every time I do one, I say, “I need to do more of these!”  The students learn so much from these rich discussions, both about the topic and about civil discourse.  Socratic seminars help to set up a positive culture in […]

Habits of Mind

I recently made an awesome discovery: “Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind” edited by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick. The most amazing thing about this book is the way that it takes something so important and makes you feel like you should have seen it all along… like it was right in front […]