How People Learn

So, I read “How People Learn” this summer.  The first 2 chapters really made me think.  A lot.  They made me really deeply examine my teaching methods.  And what I found out was that I was doing a lot of things right but that I had a lot of room to improve.  So I’ve decided to reinvent my classes – again (my wife says I do this every year).

Am I throwing the baby out with the bathwater?  NO!  But I am going to critically examine all of the things that I’ve had students do in class in the past.  The ones that were bad beyond repair will be nuked.  Everything else will be improved, tweaked, fine-tuned, revamped, revised and remade.

“How People Learn” basically says that people learn when 3 things happen:

  1. prior knowledge is activated
  2. learning is in-depth and provides a factual base
  3. learning is metacognitive.

These are the guiding principles of my classroom reinvention.  Wish me luck because I’m going to need it!