Wisdom Begins with Wonder

Euglena inquiry reflection

“Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.” ~ Paulo Freire In my previous post, I described my effort to take a “cookie cutter” lab and make it more inquiry-based. My students decided to test 7 […]

Euglena inquiry

After complaining that I struggle with inquiry in biology, I was confronted with a great opportunity to take a non-inquiry lab and bend it to my inquiry will! The lab involves students observing Euglena (a photosynthetic protist) and their response to limited light. The basic lab consists of placing the Euglena in a container wrapped […]

Where to begin the story?

When I have time to plan a lesson in detail, I often put a lot of thought into the “story arc” that I am trying to present. What am I going to at the outset to suck the audience (aka students) into the plot enough that they are willing to work through some slower “character […]

Kicking off the Inquiry (QFT + CPS = crazy delicious)

This post is the final assignment for my spring class (Current Trends in Curriculum and Instruction: Inquiry and Problem Solving) through UW Oshkosh’s Teaching 2.0 program. We have been required to do 3 lesson trials where we implement a new strategy in the clasroom and track the results. In this trial, I combined the Question […]

Brainstorming Action Research

I’m down to the last 2 semesters of my Master’s Degree program through the University of Wisonsin-Oskosh. The primary focus of these last 2 semesters is action research. I am in the early stages of planning an intensive action research project and would love feedback on my ideas. Here are a few of the questions […]

Making Learning Whole through PBL

Deep learning must be “whole” – and project-based learning is a great way to make it so! Whole learning is about many things but the most important of these is exposing students to genuine learning experiences. Sometimes this is messy and sometimes the learning isn’t exactly what the teacher intended, but students OWN what they […]

How can the culture of a school be changed?

I threw this question out on Twitter a week or so ago and got a fair number of responses. One of the most reasoned responses came from Edna Sackson, an educator from Australia and the author of the blog What Ed Said. Edna shares many of my views on the importance of inquiry and we […]