Wisdom Begins with Wonder

Working group assessments in with #SBG

Yesterday, I read a few posts from physics professor Joss Ives at his blog, Science Learnification. One of the posts that really got me thinking was about weekly two-stage quizzes in his physics classes. A two-stage group exam is form of assessment where students learn as part of the assessment. The idea is that the students write […]

Wait ’till next year

Why put off for next year what you can do today (or at least tomorrow)? —————————————————————————————————————————- In the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Brooklyn Dodgers fans’ rallying cry was, “wait ’til next year!”  The team would come close to a championship only to lose the World Series (usually to the hated Yankees).  This fan attitude showed undying […]

an unwanted side dish…

Thanksgiving used to be a pure holiday for me. No gifts exchanged; no commercialism. Just 100% of the focus on food and family (and football, naturally). Now it comes with an unwanted side dish – guilt. Sure, I’m going to enjoy it and be supremely thankful for the ridiculous mountain of blessings that I’ve received. […]

Are you experienced (at giving feedback)?

Jimi Hendrix was the original master of effective feedback.  He could use feedback to enhance his music, not just to make your skin crawl.  Think – the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock. I want to be the Jimi Hendrix of classroom feedback.  I want my students to bounce their learning off of me and I want […]

UNgrading – the early returns

This is the third in a series of posts about UNgrading.  The previous two posts were: Why I’m UNgrading my students and How I’m UNgrading my students. We are about to begin week 6 of the school year and I’ve not given my students a grade.  Sometimes I feel a little like I’m neglecting part […]

Why I’m UNgrading my students

I couldn’t call it DE-grading, now could I… It couldn’t really be this easy, could it? Increased motivation to learn for the sake of learning More time on task A rise in creativity and critical thinking Improved work completion A much more positive classroom culture No angry calls from parents I’ve seen all of these […]

Endorphins – the natural Ritalin

I saw John Medina (author of the fascinating book Brain Rules) speak at a state teacher’s conference a few year ago.  He said something then that has remained with me to this day.  There are 4 questions that motivate us to pay attention: Can it eat me? Can I eat it? Can I mate with […]