Wisdom Begins with Wonder

Make time for… Getting Socratic

“I cannot teach anyone anything; I can only make them think.” ~ Socrates Watch out! I’m ’bout to get all Socratic up in this classroom! One of my goals for this school year is to improve and expand my use of questions. I mean this in the broadest possible context. I want to ask more […]

Make time for… curiosity

This posts is the second in a series about making time in your classroom, even when you don’t feel like you have any! Here is the first: Make time for… relationships What’ll happen if I put my head in here? Sure it may have killed a mythical cat. But is that old saw really any […]

Big questions

Too often we treat our students with kid gloves.  We give them weak, watered down, sterile, sanitized, aseptic curriculum.  Curriculum that reminds you of grandmother’s powder room in which you were afraid to dirty the towels, so you dried you hands on your pants instead. We don’t let students wrestle with the really big questions […]