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Project Based Learning & science – a match made in heaven?

This is the 7th post in my project based learning (PBL) series.  See the rest here: Project Based Learning. Many teachers have asked me, “how do you do PBL in science class?  I mean I can see how to do it in English or social studies; but, science?  It just seems like a tough fit!” […]

I teach kids science

I teach kids.  That always comes first and foremost for me.  I don’t teach a content area – a set of knowledge and skill that someone once arbitrarily divided into seperate disciplines (probably a textbook company). That said, I do teach 3 high school classes with traditional labels: biology, chemistry, physics. I am blessed to work […]

My philosophy about science education

Science should be fun. Science schould be collaborative. Science should be challenging. Science should be inquiry-based. Science should be technologically integrated. Did I mention that science should be fun?