Wisdom Begins with Wonder

Kicking off the Inquiry (QFT + CPS = crazy delicious)

This post is the final assignment for my spring class (Current Trends in Curriculum and Instruction: Inquiry and Problem Solving) through UW Oshkosh’s Teaching 2.0 program. We have been required to do 3 lesson trials where we implement a new strategy in the clasroom and track the results. In this trial, I combined the Question […]

Tension: Freedom vs. support

How do you balance freedom with support? —————————————————— My favorite restaurant in town closed a few years ago. It was a phenomenal Thai restaurant owned by an amazing woman who immigrated from Thailand. She did all of the cooking and ordering herself and love went into every bite. The menu was simple but every dish […]

Make time for… FRUSTRATION!

My students were frustrated yesterday and today. I let them wallow in it. This is a good thing. Yesterday, I started the group on a whole class inquiry challenge with minimal direction from me. Students had to lead their planning discussion while I observed and took notes. This discussion didn’t go very well – especially […]

Diagnosing inquiry

When we first begin the journey of leading students into inquiry, we discover that it’s messy.  People are uncomfortable being taught this way.   They want easy answers and quick resolution to their questions.  Students want the teacher to gift wrap everything for them. When you make the choice to go to inquiry instruction, it’s […]

Big questions

Too often we treat our students with kid gloves.  We give them weak, watered down, sterile, sanitized, aseptic curriculum.  Curriculum that reminds you of grandmother’s powder room in which you were afraid to dirty the towels, so you dried you hands on your pants instead. We don’t let students wrestle with the really big questions […]

Never look a gift horse skeleton in the mouth

This post was inspired by the post Inquiry Stylee: Return of the “Horse” by  Shawn Cornally.  His blog, Think Thank Thunk, just plain rocks. So often, the best inquiry smacks you right in the face and you don’t even see it coming.  When we do the “teacher thing” we often crush the inquiry before it even has […]

Teach to the test?

This is a second follow-up to my guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant.  Thanks again to Scott McLeod for the opportunity to guest! Twitter commentary on my guest post at Dangerously Irrelevant and a couple of the comments there, made me want to follow up. I teach at one of the poorest schools in the State of Washington.  We are […]