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Why Project Based Learning is good for students (PBL Series Part 5)

Not only is the teacher’s life unique in the PBL classroom; students have a dramatically different experience in this model too.  They may whine and complain at times, especially when a project is nearing completion, but it is really good for them.  Here’s a few reason’s why: Long-term focus Many of my students can’t think […]

Technology trojan horse

I’ve been supporting  teachers a lot this summer via technology training.  Technology is not my passion; inquiry is my passion.  Unfortunately, because I am competent with technology and have been using it in my classroom, more and more teachers keep coming to me asking for help.  I find that teachers are hungry for technology instruction […]

Blogging with students – a reflection

This past year was my first experience blogging with students. It certainly had its ups and downs but was a positive experience overall for me and for my students. To read why we were blogging in science class (and why I think your students should blog) go here:  “Why Are We Blogging in Science Class?” […]

I hate science fair

I am a science teacher. I hate science fair. Why? Three main reasons: they only happen once a year, they don’t happen during class time (usually), and only the “A students” and the Science Club kids do it. Only once a year Why do kids only get this rich student-centered inquiry-based experience once a year? […]

Why are we blogging in science class?

I’ve been asked by students and a couple of parents – “why are we blogging in science class?” There are several reasons: Paper reduction In my experience, students do not value paper.  They see any work done on paper as disposable – worth little more than the paper itself.  Paper assignments are constantly left laying […]

Technology integration and differentiation

Two of my primary goals for this school year have been to improve both technology integration and differentiation for individual student needs/ interests in my classes. As I’ve begun to delve into tech integration with Edmodo for classroom communication & assignments and Edublogs for student work, I am now seeing how the two goals go […]