Make time for… relationships

This is the first in a series of posts about things to make time for in your classroom, even when you don’t feel like you have time!


Over-stuffed curriculum.

Testing schedules.

Pacing calendars.


55 minute periods.

Early release.

Assembly schedules.

All of these things can leave teachers feeling harried.  I constantly feel like there isn’t enough time to get to everything I want my students to experience.  The crux of it all is that there simply aren’t sufficient hours in the day to do it all.

Something has got to give.

Just make sure what you give up is something you and your students can afford to lose.

One thing I know is that you must make time for relationships.  Teaching is an interpersonal experience. It is a transaction in which the buyer (the student) has to decide if he wants to give up something of value (time) in return for what you are offering (knowledge).

Furthermore, students must be able to interact productively with their peers.  This also requires a positive, respectful, working relationship.  It is our job as a more experienced “relationship manager” to help them navigate these treacherous seas in a functional manner.  They don’t need to become Facebook friends and sit together at lunch but they DO need to be able to collaborate to create quality products that display depth of learning.

Regardless of other demands, always make time for relationships.

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  1. Jerrid,

    Thanks for sharing that article. I really enjoyed it and found myself nodding along at several points!

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